Artist's rendition of Rhea flyby 'R-3'

January 7, 2011

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As part of the magnetosphere and plasma science (MAPS) and Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA) instruments' high priority Rhea Campaign, the Cassini plasma spectrometer (CAPS) will control the pointing for the MAPS teams to investigate the interaction between Rhea and Saturn's magnetosphere as Cassini makes its third targeted close approach to Rhea. In addition, MAPS scientists will be trying to further investigate the tenuous exosphere of Rhea. The imaging science subsystem (ISS) will conduct high priority science in the four hours that follow, making a global mosaic of regions such as the large Tirawa basin, any fresh craters, and the equatorial dark bluish spots. It will then attempt to image the largest chunks of the hypothetical rings around Rhea..

Credit: NASA/JPL