Screen grab from Eyes on the Solar System
Eyes on the Solar System allows you to virtually step into Cassini images and look around. Direct link to Cassini module:

Eyes on the Solar System is a 3D interactive simulation of our cosmic neighborhood, complete with planets and moons you can visit and NASA spacecraft you can fly alongside. Eyes now includes a special module featuring the Cassini mission.

Screen grab from Eyes on the Solar System
Get up close with Cassini’s science instruments.
Cassini module highlights:

#Check the spacecraft’s current position and orbit
#Look around the scenes of some of Cassini’s greatest images, in 3D
#Learn about key spacecraft components and instruments – see where they are located and what they do
#See where Cassini has been, including all of its major flyby encounters with the moons, and where it’s headed

Eyes on the Solar System has a special connection to Cassini, as it grew out of a tool called CASSIE, first released by NASA and the Cassini mission in 2008.

Download the free application now at Click Cassini’s Tour to get started, or select it from Tours & Features from within the application. (Direct link to Cassini module: