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Cassini Shining Moments
What’s your favorite Cassini moment? There are tons to choose from, but we want to start by hearing from you.
The Cassini mission took seven years to get to Saturn, but now it has been there for a pretty long time too. Can you remember a particular thing that caught your attention, made you stare, or made you think differently?

“One of my favorite Cassini moments was scrutinizing those first incredibly detailed high-resolution ring images taken just after Saturn orbit insertion,” said Project Scientist Dr. Linda Spilker.” I remember seeing extraordinary detail in those images and eagerly waiting to see the playback of the next one, and the next one. I felt like I was taking a stroll through Saturn's rings, seeing wonders that no one else had ever seen before.”

For some of us, the joy of the mission comes from sharing it with others. Outreach manager Alice Wessen recalls the first Cassini Scientist for Day contest, in which the first group of students were asked to choose a target to image and then to write about it. “That first group, who chose the rings image,… words can’t really describe how grateful I was for their enthusiasm. It was magic to see them getting to be hands-on with the science.”

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