Star chart showing how to find Saturn
Use the Big Dipper to find Saturn this month. Click on the image to see the podcast.
Saturn rules the night skies for the next few months. Have you seen it? If not, learn where to look and what you'll see in this month's What's Up video podcast.

The What's Up video podcast series, hosted by Jane Houston Jones, pairs an easy to see celestial object with a NASA mission each month. Saturn reigns supreme as the brightest planet visible in the night sky for the next several months. Meanwhile, Cassini cruises along in its 7-year extended Solstice mission.

These podcasts, plus supporting star charts, hands-on activities, standards-based lessons, and NASA mission links, are used by planetariums, museums, astronomy clubs, and scout troops. They are shown on mass-transit video screens, in the classroom, and downloaded via iTunes by the general public.

+ What’s Up for April 2011