Some of the art celebrating the Cassini mission.

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February 2017

by Instagram user @brother_kwan

Carlos Caicedo
“Saturn, Perlin Noise Algorithm variant 4” by Carlos Caicedo

Acrylic by Eileen McKeon Butt

"#CassiniInspires ...then I ate it... on a crumpet... mmmm!" by Twitter user @kcwmobile

"Iapetus" - pencil / charcoal by Reuven L. Grehan

Messy Mimas
"The violent impact that carved out Herschel Crater on Saturn's moon Mimas, juxtaposed with the messy beauty of nature on Earth." By Christina Chester.

The Earth as seen from Saturn ( + Jupiter)
"The Earth as seen from Saturn (+ Jupiter)" by Instagram user luizbmc.

SATURN from Scott Wild on Vimeo.

by artby_fuji
by Instagram user artby_fuji

When I Listened to Saturn's Rings
"When I Listened to Saturn's Rings" by Twitter user @silentrees.

Jeff Oster and Saturn

In "Saturn Calling," musician Jeff Oster turns the extraterrestrial songs of the ringed planet into beautiful jazz. The first sounds that you hear when listening to Oster's album "True" are Saturn's auroras as detected by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute/Jeff Oster

Saturn from above
This portrait looking down on Saturn and its rings was created from images obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Oct. 10, 2013. It was made by amateur image processor and Cassini fan Gordan Ugarkovic.

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