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NASA Special Publication: "Passage to a Ringed World"

You can now download a copy of the NASA Special Publication "Passage to a Ringed World" in PDF format (at right).

You can also place an online order for a hard copy of the publication from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). At the GPO website, you will find a convenient search tool. Just enter "Passage to a Ringed World" and click "Submit."

You can also order a copy of this publication by calling any U.S. Government Printing Office Bookstore. The Southern California GPO bookstore can be contacted at: (213) 239-9844. There is no toll-free phone number for GPO Bookstores; however, the Southern California store will send you a free product catalog and list of other store locations upon request. Ask for NASA Special Publication SP-533, "Passage to a Ringed World." Phone orders require a VISA, Master Card, or Discover credit card.

To request a product catalog, send a letter to:

U.S. Government Bookstore
ARCO Plaza, Level C
505 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, California 90071-2181

Passage to a Ringed World: Full

Full Publication (PDF, 6.94 MB)
Table of Contents (PDF, 750 KB)
Chapter 1 (PDF, 462 KB)
Chapter 2 (PDF, 139 KB)
Chapter 3 (PDF, 448 KB)
Chapter 4 (PDF, 1.61 MB)
Chapter 5 (PDF, 1.14 MB)
Chapter 6 (PDF, 250 KB)
Chapter 7 (PDF, 157 KB)
Chapter 8 (PDF, 317 KB)
Chapter 9 (PDF, 917 KB)
Chapter 10 (PDF, 134 KB)
Afterword (PDF, 35 KB)
Appendix A (PDF, 88 KB)
Appendix B (PDF, 18 KB)
Appendix C (PDF, 13 KB)
Appendix D (PDF, 29 KB)
Appendix E (PDF, 16 KB)
Appendix F (PDF, 732 KB)
Addendum: Mission Milestones (PDF, 328 KB)


     Fact Sheets
Cassini Mission to Saturn Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is a wealth of information contained on a one-page PDF file. The following information is included on this page: the number of orbits the spacecraft will perform while at Saturn, information about the Huygens probe, known facts about Saturn and Titan, Cassini partners and much more.

Mission overview supplement: English version only (PDF, 4 KB).

Fact Sheet: Cassini Mission to Saturn Fact Sheet

English version (PDF, 528 KB)
Spanish (espaƱol) version (PDF, 556 KB)
Other Fact Sheets

Other facts sheets are also available to download in PDF format.

Fact Sheet: Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn

Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn (PDF, 172 KB)
Cassini Spacecraft and Huygens Probe (PDF, 953 KB)
Cassini's Earthly Benefits (PDF, 64 KB)
Spacecraft Power for Cassini (PDF, 51 KB)
NASA Facts: Cassini Mission to Saturn (PDF, 51 KB)

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