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Screenshot from the movie 'Huygens Descent Sequence'
Huygens Descent Sequence
Tethys Meets Dione; screenshot from the movie
Tethys Meets Dione
Screenshot from the movie 'Ice moon Rendezvous'
Ice Moon Rendezvous
Screenshot from the movie Cassini's Flyby 'Doubleheader'
Cassini's Flyby 'Doubleheader'
Screenshot from the movie 'Flight to Hyperion' showing dark-floored craters on the surface of the icy moon Hyperion.
Flight to Hyperion
Screenshot from the animation 'Unidentified F Ring Objects'
Unidentified F Ring Objects
Screenshot from the animation 'Shaping the Drapes' showing dark drapes in the inner strands of Saturn's F ring caused by the gravitational influence of the shepherd moon Prometheus. Several background stars are seen moving across the field.
Shaping the Drapes
Screenshot from the animation 'Enceladus Animation' showing Saturn's magnetic field
Enceladus Animation
Flying Over Mimas
Flying Over Mimas
Zooming In On Enceladus
Zooming In On Enceladus
Enceladus Flyby -- Computer Generated Animation
Enceladus Flyby
Encountering Hyperion
Encountering Hyperion
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