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Cassini Virtual Tour

Cassini Virtual Tour

Cassini at Saturn Interactive Explorer (CASSIE) version 2: Mission Mode
Cassini at Saturn Interactive Explorer (CASSIE) version 2: Mission Mode

[Editor's note, March 2011: for expanded development of this project, please see]

[Editor's note, July 2010: The data that drives the "Mission Mode" of CASSIE was made available through the first days of July 2010. It was deemed cost prohibitive to update, so this page and CASSIE itself remains active as an archive reference until a suitable replacement becomes available.]

If this is the first time you've tried CASSIE, when you click on the button below it will automatically download and install the needed software (a free plug-in to your web-browser) and real Cassini mission data. The initial download is about 9 megabytes so it should only take a minute or two. (If you use a Mac you may need to install the software after it downloads and then restart your web-browser.) Once the plug-in is installed and the mission data is loaded, you're ready for your trip to the Saturn System.

When CASSIE appears in your web browser, click on one of the three Modes located in the large tab along the bottom of the screen.

Windows and Mac OS only

Further description

  • Blend space exploration with reading and writing -- Reading, Writing & Rings!
  • Cassini Scientist for a Day -- Students get involved
  • Cassini Raw Images