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This movie shows Saturn's southern aurora shimmering over approximately 20 hours as the planet rotates.
Dancing Southern Lights of Saturn
The outer edge of Saturn's B ring exhibits an unexpected feature in this movie made from images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The images were obtained early in the planet's equinox 'season' -- the period leading up to and away from August 11, 2009 when the sun was over the planet’s equator and lit the rings exactly edge on.
Strange Things Afoot in the B Ring
This movie, made from images obtained by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft of the outer edge of Saturn’s B ring, reveals the combined effects of a tugging moon and oscillations that can naturally occur in disks like Saturn's rings and spiral galaxies.
Oscillations at B Ring Edge
NASA's Cassini spacecraft records the complex inward and outward movement of the edge of the ring.
Galactic Behavior for the Outer B Ring
While NASA’s Cassini spacecraft was pointed to study Saturn's F ring, it happened to catch a globular star cluster passing through the camera's field of view.
Catching a Cluster of Stars
This movie features a simulation showing the changes to a portion of Saturn's F ring as the shepherding moon Prometheus swings by it.
The Effect of Prometheus on the F Ring
See Beautiful Ontario Lacus
Flying Over Ontario Lacus
The Usual Suspects: California's Death Valley compared to Titan's Ontario Lacus.
The Usual Suspects
This movie created from images obtained by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows a propeller-shaped structure created by a hidden, embedded moon moving through one of Saturn's rings.
Propeller Churns the A Ring
Cassini Lightning
Cassini Lightning
Lightning Flashing on Saturn
Lightning Flashing on Saturn
Titan Canyon Country
Titan Canyon Country
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