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This video demonstrates the hiss-like radio noise generated by electrons moving along magnetic field lines from the Saturnian moon Enceladus to a glowing patch of ultraviolet light on Saturn.
Hiss from Aurora Caused by Enceladus
A glowing patch of ultraviolet light on Saturn marks the presence of an electrical circuit that connects Saturn with  Enceladus
Movie of Enceladus 'Footprint' on Saturn
This graphic shows in a series of three images how Saturn's rings, after they became tilted relative to Saturn's equatorial plane, would have transformed into a corrugated ring.
Tilting Saturn's Rings
This image and video show a changing pattern of radio waves from Saturn known as Saturn Kilometric Radiation, as detected by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Saturn's Radio Period Crossover
This is a narrated video describing Saturn sending 'mixed signals' in radio frequencies.
Saturn's Mixed Signals
This movie shows clouds in the mid-southern latitudes of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, in a series of images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft a few months after fall began in the southern hemisphere.
Titan's Moving Mid-Latitude Clouds
Clouds move above Titan's large methane lakes and seas near the moon's north pole in this movie made from images taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Northern Clouds in Motion
Clouds move above the large methane lakes and seas near the north pole of Saturn’s moon Titan in this movie made from images taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Titan's Northern Polar Clouds
Bands of eastward and westward winds on Jupiter appear as concentric rotating circles in this movie composed of Cassini spacecraft images that have been re-projected as if the viewer were looking down at Jupiter's north pole and the planet were flattened.
Jupiter Polar Winds Movie
This movie is based on data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and shows a flyover of an area of Saturn’s moon Titan known as Sotra Facula.
Flyover of Sotra Facula, Titan
This animation, derived from data obtained by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, shows how plasma swirling around Saturn is correlated to bursts of radio waves emanating from the planet.
Saturn Plasma and Radio Waves, as Seen by Cassini
This animation based on data obtained by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows how the “explosions” of hot plasma on the night side (orange and white) periodically inflate Saturn’s magnetic field (white lines).
Saturn’s Hot Plasma Explosions
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