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Hubble views auroras on Saturn
Saturn Auroras From Hubble
How Does a Spacecraft Take a Picture?
How Does a Spacecraft Take a Picture?
A description of things to look for and know about in the night sky during April 2013
What’s Up for April – Featuring Cassini and Saturn
This animation shows an example of a recent space weather event forecast derived from such observations by Goddard Space Flight Center space weather lab and illustrates the kind of information we will have to work with to understand what Saturn's aurora is responding to.
Animation of Spaceweather Predictors
David Choi discusses his study of dark features in Jupiter's atmosphere
David Choi discusses Jupiter's atmosphere
Video shows different views of the interaction of Saturn's magnetosphere with the solar wind
Diagnosing Saturn's Magnetic Pulse ... and the Beat Goes On
This three-frame animation from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows the swirling clouds in a vortex spawned by a great northern storm on Saturn.
Swirling Vortex
Animation of Huygens landing
When Huygens Met Titan
Cassini: 15 Years of Exploration
Cassini: 15 Years of Exploration
This animation shows 'beacons' of hot air seen in the infrared that appeared during a great springtime storm on Saturn from January 2011 to March 2012.
Infrared Hotspots in a Monster Saturn Storm
In the aftermath of a massive storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere, NASA's Cassini spacecraft observed record-setting disturbances in the planet's upper atmosphere, including an unprecedented spike in temperature and a huge increase in the amount of ethylene gas, the origin of which is a mystery.
Saturn Storm Surprises
This movie captured by NASA'S Cassini spacecraft shows a south polar vortex, or a swirling mass of gas around the pole in the atmosphere, at Saturn’s moon Titan. The swirling mass appears to execute one full rotation in about nine hours – much faster than the moon's 16-day rotation period. The images were taken before and after a distant flyby of Titan on June 27, 2012.
Titan's South Polar Vortex in Motion
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