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Enceladus' plume
Changing View of the Enceladus Plume
Zooming in on Huygens landing spot
Approaching Titan a Billion Times Closer
This graphic shows a 3-D model of 98 geysers whose source locations and tilts were found in a Cassini imaging survey of Enceladus' south polar terrain by the method of triangulation.
Geyser Basin in 3-D (video)
A look back at Cassini's arrival at Saturn.
Flashback to June 30, 2004
Cassini's coming attractions at Saturn
Cassini: Coming Attractions at Saturn
Auroras on Saturn
Dance of Saturn's Auroras
This colorized flyover movie from NASA's Cassini mission takes viewers over the two largest seas on Saturn's moon Titan and nearby lakes.
Flying over an Extraterrestrial Land of Lakes
This colorized movie from NASA's Cassini mission shows a polar projection of the curious six-sided jet stream at Saturn's north pole known as 'the hexagon' in the infrared.
Looking Down on the Hexagon in Infrared
This is a compilation of the Saturn hexagon movies released on Dec. 5, 2013.
Saturn's Unique Hexagon in Full View
Saturn hexagon
Hexagon in Silhouette
Saturn hexagon
In Full View: Saturn's Streaming Hexagon (color)
Saturn hexagon
In Full View: Saturn's Streaming Hexagon (black and white)
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