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Science Objectives

Science Objectives

Cassini's Equinox Mission science objectives for Saturn’s icy moons are listed below.

Objective related to seasonal change in the Saturn System:

  • Identify long-term secular and seasonal changes at Enceladus via thermal and visible observations of the south polar region.

Objectives related to new questions raised during Cassini’s primary mission:

  • Determine the presence of an ocean at Enceladus as inferred from induced magnetic field and plume composition, and search for possible anomalies in the internal structure of Enceladus as associated with plume sources.
  • Determine whether there is ring material orbiting Rhea, and if so, what its spatial and particle size distribution is.
  • Determine whether Dione exhibits low-level activity.
  • Complete the imaging coverage of Iapetus.
  • Determine whether Tethys contributes to the E-ring.
  • Determine the mass and gravity fields of the icy satellites.
  • Observe Hyperion and Mimas at high resolution.

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