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Titan Flyby (T-60) - Aug. 9, 2009

Artist's rendition of Titan flyby 60

Titan Flyby (T-60) - Aug. 9, 2009
August 5, 2009

T-60: Measuring Titan's Shape

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RADAR measures heights across a swath of Titan's surface, arcing from Xanadu and crossing Ontario Lacus. These measurements of Titan's topography give more information on Titan's shape.

Inbound radiometry, scatterometry, and long altimetry comprise this flyby’s RADAR observations. The long altimetry swath arcs down from Xanadu, crosses Ontario Lacus, and constrains Titan's shape. There is some outbound SAR of VIMS-observed mountains, and HiSAR over the Shangri-La region to bridge the T8/T13 flybys and to study dune scattering properties.

This is among the highest southern latitude passes, and it is the first look for INMS at the atmosphere over the south pole.

Credit: NASA/JPL

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