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T43 -- Cassini's Radar to Peer Through Titan's Haze

Artist's rendition of Cassini flyby T43

T43 -- Cassini's Radar to Peer Through Titan's Haze
May 8, 2008

Cassini is on a course for a Titan flyby on May 12, at an altitude of 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), for the first of two Titan northern hemisphere flybys that will wrap up the prime mission.

On this flyby, Cassini's radar will map the bright region of Xanadu, which was only partly imaged previously. This overlap in coverage may yield stereo views of the region. The radar team has targeted Hotei Arcus, as well as a possible cryovolcanic feature, Tortola Facula (informally known as the 'Snail'), which was visible in infrared images.

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