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About Amateur Images

Amateur images of the month

About Amateur Images

The beautiful views displayed here were produced by members of the public who turn Cassini image data into works of art to share and enjoy. You are invited to submit yours to be displayed here as well!

Since Cassini’s arrival in the Saturn system in 2004, this mission website has been sharing raw, unprocessed versions of images sent to Earth by the spacecraft. This makes it fairly easy for anyone to experiment with Cassini images within hours of their arrival. Higher quality, science-worthy versions of the images are made available several months after they arrive on Earth via the NASA Planetary Data System. More advanced users dig through this treasure trove to create their masterpieces.

Image processing resources

Information on how to work with images from NASA missions is available from a variety of sources (note that not all are NASA websites and each will open in a new tab or window):

What incredible things will the Cassini spacecraft at Saturn see and do over the next few years? Here's a preview.


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