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Amateur Images

Amateur images of the month

Amateur Images

Saturn by Gordon Ugarkovic
This portrait looking down on Saturn and its rings was created from images obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Oct. 10, 2013. It was made by amateur image processor and Cassini fan Gordan Ugarkovic. Read more
This collection is designed to salute the enthusiasts who produce their own works and to thank them for their dedication, passion, and sense of adventure.

Amateur Image Gallery
“This is a true color view of Saturn’s north polar region
Saturn’s Hexagon by Val Klavans
Saturn's rings
Saturn’s Rings by Maksim Kakitsev
This animated GIF chronicles Cassini’s targeted flyby of Dione
Saturn, Dione, Targeted Flyby by Dinar Avzaletdinov
Crescent Saturn, based on the raw image from Cassini W00087155.jpg
Crescent Saturn View by Stephane Calonnec
3D anaglyph of Dione
Dione 3D by Scott McLeod
Cassini Raw Image #W00086402
Saturn’s Polar Storm by Roseann Arabia
Saturn filtered
Saturn Filtered by Rick Ellis
Saturn colorized purple
Colorized Photo of Saturn by Gloria Roberts
Saturn in blue
Blue Saturn by Earnest Hamby
F ring dynamism
F Ring Dynamism by Adam Smith
Titan and Rhea from Cassini
Titan and Rhea by Adam Hurcewicz
Screen grab of Saturn's rings from the movie
Eight Years Around Saturn by Nahum Mendez Chazarra
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