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NewsEvents > Titan T94 Flyby - Sept. 12, 2013
This view was made from near-infrared images of Titan obtained by Cassini's imaging science subsystem. Bright material seems to surround the lakes, which could help explain why currently almost all large bodies of liquid are found here, at Titan's north pole, rather than other parts of Titan. The imaging data suggest the surface here is unique.
Bird's Eye View of the Land of Lakes -- Unannotated
The vast hydrocarbon seas and lakes (dark shapes) near the north pole of Saturn's moon Titan sprawl out beneath the watchful eye of NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Bird's Eye View of the Land of Lakes -- Annotated
A false-color mosaic of Titan
Titan's Northern Lakes: Salt Flats?
Artist's depiction of the Cassini spacecraft flying by Titan
Titan Flyby (T-94): A Fresh Look at Northern Lakes

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