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Moons > Iapetus
Map of Iapetus
Color Maps of Iapetus (2014)
Yin and Yang
A large crater can be seen in the southern hemisphere of Saturn's two-tone  moon Iapetus.
Big Crater Down South
Southern Iapetus
Infringing Darkness
Yin and Yang
Sliver of Iapetus
Saturn's moon Iapetus
Dark Interrupting Bright
A large dark region fills a semicircle of the visible disk of Iapetus on the left of this Cassini spacecraft image.
Bite Out of Iapetus
Yin Yang Iapetus
Craters give a rugged look to surface of Iapetus, especially in the large basin of Engelier visible along the southern limb of the moon in this view.
Crater at the Edge
The oblate shape of the moon Iapetus is particularly noticeable in this portrait.
Oblate Iapetus
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