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These false-color mosaics from NASA's Cassini spacecraft chronicle the changing appearance of the huge storm that developed from a small spot in Saturn's northern hemisphere.
Encircling a Giant
The largest storm to ravage Saturn in decades started as a small spot seen in this image of Saturn.
Birth of a Behemoth Storm
Two natural color views of Saturn's huge storm taken 11 hours apart
Eleven Hours Later
These two false-color views from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show detailed patterns that change during one Saturn day within the huge storm in the planet's northern hemisphere.
Churning Psychedelia
Saturn's northern storm
Scenic Shock
False-color mosaic of the tail of Saturn's huge northern storm
Storm Tail in False Color
Huge storm on Saturn
Storm Head in False Color
Patterns that come and go in the course of one Saturn day within the huge storm in the planet's northern hemisphere.
Kaleidoscopic Rainbows
Spongy Hyperion
Saturn with shadows of Saturn's rings
Widening Southern Shadows
A near-true-color view of the huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn's northern hemisphere
Spotting Saturn's Northern Storm
False-color images chronicle a day in the life of a huge storm on Saturn
A Day in the Life
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