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Raw image of Mimas
Mimas Flyby Raw Image 1
The diminutive moon Mimas can be found hiding in the middle of this view of a crescent of Saturn bisected by rings.
Gas Giant, Mini Moon
Two of Saturn's moons straddle the planet's rings in this color view.
Color Between Moons
The oblate moon Mimas displays the cratered surface of its anti-Saturn side.
Rugged Mimas
The cratered moon Mimas and Saturn's rings
Mimas Globe
The small moon Mimas passes in front of the larger moon Rhea which is partly obscured by Saturn's rings in this movie from Cassini.
Before a Veiled Rhea
Saturn, Janus and Mimas
Study in Miniature
Mimas, Pan and Saturn's rings
Mimas and Pan
Oblate Mimas
The shadows of Dione and Mimas appear on Saturn
Shadows Above and Below
The rings share this view with Mimas, a moon whose gravity influences the rings.
Resonance Moon and Rings
Mimas and Pandora join bright B ring spokes
Portrait of Bright Spokes
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