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Moons > Iapetus
To the Relief of Iapetus
A Moon with Two Dark Sides
Map of Iapetus
Map of Iapetus - December 2005
Montage showing different views of Saturn's moons Dione, Enceladus, Iapetus and Rhea
Season of Moons
image of the moon Iapetus
Details in the Dark
Chart showing rise and fall of temperatures on Iapetus from day to night.
Iapetus Temperature Variation Map
Grid showing Iapetus temperatures in various colors.
Iapetus Temperature Map
Image shows Iapetus in visible light, thermal radiation and color-coded heat.
Iapetus Thermal Radiation Image
Four views of Iapetus in color and black and white.
Iapetus Surface Composition
Fuzzy color image shows surface composition of Iapetus.
VIMS Shows Iapetus Surface Composition
Fuzzy color images of Iapetus
VIMS Iapetus Two Shooter
Giant Landslide on Iapetus
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