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Five scientists gathered around a laptop looking at Huygens data
Landing with a Splat
Black and white image of Titan's surface from above shows possible location of Huygens Probe.
First 'Best-Guess' View of Huygens Landing Site
Black and white layered images of Titan's surface laid out in a spiral.
Titan Descent
black and white image of battered moon
Rhea and Her Craters
Composite of Titan's Surface Seen During Descent
Screenshot of ESA raw image gallery.
ESA Huygens Raw Image Gallery
Three black and white images show Titan's surface at various altitudes
First Images from Titan
Black and white images of rocks on the surface of Titan
Huygens at Titan 1
black and white image of titan's surface
Huygens at Titan 3
Black and white image from above Titan.
Huygens at Titan 2
black and white image showing imaging coverage area of Huygens Titan descent
Expected Footprints of 36-Image Panoramas from Huygens Camera
Full-disk black and white image of Dione
Aeneas on the Edge
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