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Enceladus Crescent (Raw image)
Enceladus Terrain (Raw image)
These images, based on ones obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, show how the pull of Saturn's gravity can deform the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus in the south polar region crisscrossed by fissures known as 'tiger stripes.'
Stress at Enceladus
Below a darkened Enceladus, a plume of water ice is backlit in this view of one of Saturn's most dramatic moons.
Dark Moon, Dramatic Plume
Diagram showing the relative position of the close Enceladus fly-bys E-11 through E-21.
Cassini's E-12 through E-21 Trajectories
A crescent Enceladus and Saturn's rings
Rings and Enceladus
Brilliant Enceladus
Saturn, Enceladus and Epimetheus
Tiny by the Terminator
Groovy Enceladus
Enceladus Sparkles
Southern Enceladus in Radar View
Enceladus, Epimetheus and Saturn's rings
Hiding Little Brother
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