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This figure illustrates the bizarre pattern of daytime temperatures found on Mimas
Bizarre Temperatures on Mimas
Mimas Three-Quarter Portrait
Herschel Crater in 3-D
Color Near Herschel Crater
Streaked Craters in False-Color
Flying by the 'Death Star' Moon
Streaks and Markings on Mimas
Examining Herschel Crater
Two moons orbit serenely before Saturn while large storms churn through the planet's southern hemisphere.
Attendant Pair
Raw image of Mimas close-up
Mimas Flyby Raw Image 2
Raw image of Mimas
Mimas Flyby Raw Image 1
The diminutive moon Mimas can be found hiding in the middle of this view of a crescent of Saturn bisected by rings.
Gas Giant, Mini Moon
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