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Moons > Iapetus
Two views of Iapetus throug the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer
Iapetus' Equatorial Region
This false-color mosaic shows the entire hemisphere of Iapetus
The Other Side of Iapetus
Close-up of Iapetus
Speckled Surface
Spots on Iapetus
Spotty Iapetus
The transition region from Saturn's moon Iapetus' dark leading hemisphere to its bright trailing hemisphere
A Complex Transition
High-resolution images of the transition region from dark to bright terrain on Iapetus
The Transition Zone
This stereo image, or anaglyph, shows huge mountains on Saturn's moon Iapetus
Towering Peaks of Iapetus
Mosaic of Cassini images shows the smallest details ever observed on Saturn's moon Iapetus.
Closest View of Iapetus
Craters on Iapetus
A Scene of Craters
Crescent of Iapetus
Approaching Iapetus
Iapetus' patchy, bright and dark mountains
The 'Voyager' Mountains
Bright landscape coated by dark material on Iapetus
Coated Craters
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