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This graphic shows highlights of the tour of NASA's Cassini spacecraft around the Saturn system
Cassini's Tour of the Saturn System
Distant Hyperion
Jet streams on Jupiter
Jupter's Jet Stream, by Hubble
Shadowed Rhea (Raw Image #4)
Rhea's Surface (Raw Image #3)
Rhea Close-up (Raw Image #2)
Portrait of Rhea (Raw Image #1)
Below a darkened Enceladus, a plume of water ice is backlit in this view of one of Saturn's most dramatic moons.
Dark Moon, Dramatic Plume
Diagram showing the relative position of the close Enceladus fly-bys E-11 through E-21.
Cassini's E-12 through E-21 Trajectories
Prometheus looks like a small white bulge near the F ring -- the outermost ring seen here -- above the center of the image.
Across to Prometheus
Saturn's largest moon, Titan, looks small here, pictured to the right of the gas giant in this Cassini spacecraft view.
Beside a Giant
This artist’s concept shows a possible model of Titan’s internal structure that incorporates data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.
Layers of Titan -- Unannotated
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