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The small moon Janus overtakes the larger moon Rhea in a dance played out before Saturn and its rings.
Catching Big Sister
Saturn, Janus and Mimas
Study in Miniature
Janus and Saturn's rings
Twice-lit Janus
Shadows on Saturn's rings, the moons Pan and Janus
Shadows Still Seen
The Cassini spacecraft looks toward the south pole and cratered surface of Saturn's moon Janus.
Janus' Cratered South
Saturn's rings cast a shadow on the moon Janus
Rings Return the Favor
Crater View
The shadow of the moon Janus dwarfs the shadow of Daphnis on Saturn's A ring
Long Shadow, Short Shadow
Janus casts a shadow on the F and A rings while Prometheus creates a streamer-channel in the thin F ring.
Along the F Ring
Craters on Janus
The Cassini spacecraft catches Janus joining other Saturnian moons in the equinox shadow-casting party.
Janus' Ring Shadow Premiere
Two Lights on Two-faced Janus
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