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Moons > Epimetheus
Epimetheus casts a shadow onto Saturn's A ring
Zooming in on a Shadow
The shadow of Epimetheus crosses Saturn's rings
Co-orbital Shadow
Epimetheus' shadow stretched across Saturn's B ring
Shadow on Bright B Ring
Epimetheus casts a shadow onto Saturn's rings
Epimetheus' Shadow
Somewhat Flattened South
Epimetheus and Saturn
Belittled Moon
At first glance, it seems Epimetheus is the lone moon orbiting Saturn in this image, but a closer inspection reveals a couple of companions in the rings.
Small Sidekicks
Saturn, Mimas and Epimetheus
Saturn and Mimas
Saturn's rings and the moon Epimetheus
Obscuring Epimetheus
Saturn's rings and Epimetheus
Epimetheus in the Way
Dione, Hyperion, Epimetheus and Iapetus
Several of Saturn's moons
Saturn's rings with Atlas and Epimetheus
Ring Rocks
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