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The effects of the small moon Prometheus loom large on two of Saturn's rings
Affecting Two Rings
Prometheus in the Roche Division between Saturn's A ring and F ring
Little Tuber Moon
Bright spokes grace Saturn's B ring
Ghostly Spokes
Prometheus near the streamer-channels it has created in Saturn's thin F ring
Streamer-channels and Shadow
Saturn's moon Prometheus casts a shadow near a streamer-channel created by the moon in the thin F ring
Shadow Between the Shepherds
Prometheus casts a shadow on Saturn's narrow F ring
Shadow on a Thin Ring
Pandora, Prometheus and Saturn's thin F ring.
A Pair of Shepherds
Janus casts a shadow on the F and A rings while Prometheus creates a streamer-channel in the thin F ring.
Along the F Ring
Prometheus casts a shadow on the thin F ring
Shadow and Streamer-channels
Saturn's F ring
Prometheus' Trail
Prometheus and Saturn's A ring
Bright Duo
Prometheus is seen near Saturn's tenuous F ring as the moon orbits in the Roche Division, between the F and A rings.
Between the Lines
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