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Set starkly against the blackness of space are the F ring's delicate strands which are periodically gored by its shepherding moon, Prometheus.
Fragile F Ring
At first glance, it seems Epimetheus is the lone moon orbiting Saturn in this image, but a closer inspection reveals a couple of companions in the rings.
Small Sidekicks
Saturn's rings
Spectacular Spokes
Saturn and its rings
Shrinking Shadow
The Encke Gap
God of Shepherds and Flocks
Saturn's F ring
Turn of a Narrow Ring
Saturn's rings and moons
It's Full of Moons!
Spokes in Saturn's B ring
Bright Spokes
Saturn's B ring
B Ring's Straw-like Clumps
Saturn's F ring
Straightening Out the Kinks
Saturn and its rings
Shadows on the Move
Spokes on Saturn's rings
The Classic Wedge
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