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Saturn's rings
Sampling Saturn and a Shadow
The shadow of the moon Tethys cuts across Saturn's rings
Cutting 'Cross the C Ring
Tethys casts its shadow on Saturn's rings
Side by Side Shadows
A vertically extended structure or object in Saturn's F ring casts a shadow long enough to reach the A ring in this Cassini image taken just days before planet's August 2009 equinox.
Shadow Reaches the A Ring
Saturn's rings
A Small Find Near Equinox
Cassini spies a shadow cast by a vertically extended structure or object in the F ring in this image taken as Saturn approaches its August 2009 equinox.
Shadows in the F Ring
a shadow is cast by a narrow, vertically extended feature in the F ring.
Punching through the F Ring
Prometheus casts a shadow on the thin F ring
Shadow and Streamer-channels
Atlas' shadow on Saturn's rings
Atlas' Ring Shadow Premiere
Pan casts a shadow on the A ring
Lengthening Shadows
Saturn's rings
Sawtooth Shadows
Mimas' shadow on Saturn's rings
Crooked Shadow
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