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The shadow of the moon Janus dwarfs the shadow of Daphnis on Saturn's A ring
Long Shadow, Short Shadow
A scalloped look is created in the edges of the Keeler Gap in Saturn's outer A ring as the moon Daphnis orbits in the gap.
Scallops at the Edges
Never-before-seen tall vertical structures created by Saturn's moon Daphnis rise above the planet's otherwise flat, thin disk of rings to cast long shadows in this Cassini image.
Wavy Shadows
Vertical structures created by Saturn's small moon Daphnis cast long shadows across the rings in this dramatic image taken as the planet approaches its mid-August 2009 equinox
Rippling Shadows
Never-before-seen looming vertical structures created by the tiny moon Daphnis
Tiny Moon, Looming Shadows
Daphnis is the bright spot in the narrow gap in the rings near the center of the image.
Gravity-Induced Undulations
Saturn's moon Daphnis creates waves of disturbance in the Keeler Gap
Daphnis' Waves
Janus, Daphnis, Prometheus and Saturn's rings
Moons by the Bunch
Saturn's moon Daphnis and the A ring
Waves from Daphnis
Tiny Daphnis' impact on the Keeler gap in which it resides
Small But Effective
Saturn's rings and moons
It's Full of Moons!
Signs of activity on both sides of the Roche Division
From A to F
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