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Saturn's moon Atlas, just below the center of this image, orbits in the Roche Division between the A ring and thin F ring.
Charting Atlas' Path
Atlas casts a slender shadow on the A ring
Small Moon Shadow
Atlas' shadow on Saturn's rings
Atlas' Ring Shadow Premiere
Saturn's moon Atlas plies the Roche Division between the A ring and the thin F ring.
Navigating the Blackness
Saturn's moon Atlas, shown at the center of this image, orbits within the Roche Division separating the A ring from the tenuous F ring.
Plying a Division
Atlas and the Roche Division
Star Companions
At first glance, it seems Epimetheus is the lone moon orbiting Saturn in this image, but a closer inspection reveals a couple of companions in the rings.
Small Sidekicks
Saturn's magnificent rings, Atlas and Prometheus
Out of Darkness
The moons Atlas and Daphnis and Saturn's rings
Atlas and Daphnis
Saturn's rings,  Atlas and  Prometheus
Moons that Pass in the Night
Saturn's rings and the moon Atlas
Roche Division
Saturn's F ring
Trailing Prometheus
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