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Shadows on Saturn's rings, the moons Pan and Janus
Shadows Still Seen
Moon shadows are cast on Saturn's A ring
Shadows on the A Ring
Pan casts a shadow on the A ring
Lengthening Shadows
Saturn's moon Pan, orbiting in the Encke Gap, casts a slender shadow onto the A ring.
Shadow of Saucer-Shaped Moon
Saturn's moon Pan casts a delicate shadow onto the planet's A ring.
Pan's Slender Shadow
Pan and Saturn's rings
Pan's Very Own Shadow
At first glance, it seems Epimetheus is the lone moon orbiting Saturn in this image, but a closer inspection reveals a couple of companions in the rings.
Small Sidekicks
The Encke Gap
God of Shepherds and Flocks
Saturn's rings and moons
It's Full of Moons!
Saturn's rings, Janus, Pandora and Pan
Moons in a Row
Pan appears as a bright dot within the Encke Gap, right of center. Janus lies outside the A and F rings, below center.
Pan and Janus
This mosaic of two Cassini images shows Pan and Prometheus creating features in nearby rings.
Disturbing Moons
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