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Moons > Iapetus
The oblate shape of the moon Iapetus is particularly noticeable in this portrait.
Oblate Iapetus
The Cassini spacecraft looks toward a crescent of Saturn's dark and light moon, Iapetus.
Eyeing Iapetus
Saturn's moon Iapetus
Iapetus' Puzzling Surface
Series of maps of Saturn's moon Iapetus
Thermal Runaway Model
Three different false-color views of Saturn's moon Iapetus
Color Dichotomy on Iapetus
Two global images of Iapetus
Global View of Iapetus' Dichotomy
Iapetus' Terrain
A Slice of Iapetus
Light-Dark Enigma
Distant Crescent
Taking a Longer View
Global map of Iapetus May 2008
Map of Iapetus - May 2008
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