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The moon Janus casts a shadow on Saturn's A ring but misses the thin F ring
Skipping a Ring
The shadows cast by Daphnis' attendant edge waves create a dark, jagged pattern on the A ring
Jagged Shadows
The moon Prometheus creates an intricate pattern of perturbation in Saturn's F ring while the moon Daphnis disturbs the A ring
Pulchritudinous Perturbations
This artist's conception shows a nearly invisible ring around Saturn -- the largest of the giant planet's many rings.
Saturn's Infrared Ring
The moon Pan casts a shadow on Saturn's outer A ring in this image taken as the planet approached its August 2009 equinox.
Round the Outside
Saturn's A ring and thin F ring
Epimetheus' Long Shadow
Saturn's rings cast a shadow on the moon Janus
Rings Return the Favor
Pandora, Prometheus and Saturn's thin F ring.
A Pair of Shepherds
Saturn's B ring shows off bright spokes
Spokes on Display
Rhea and Saturn's rings
Rhea and Rings
Ring material casts long shadows on Saturn’s A ring
New Heights for Edge Waves
Streaks in Saturn's C ring
New Views on Old Finds
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