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Titan becomes obscured as it moves into eclipse by Saturn.
Eclipsing Titan
Enigmatic Titan (Scientist for a Day, Target 3)
Two Halves of Titan
This ultraviolet view of Titan shows the moon's north polar hood and its detached, high-altitude haze layer.
Titan's North Polar Hood
Titan's hazy atmosphere
Titan Through the Haze
Ring Around Titan
Low Albedo Foursome
mosaic of image swaths from Cassini's Titan Radar Mapper
Lake-like but Different
Colorful Northern Crescent
Enchanted Titan
Titan's south polar region seen by Cassini RADAR
South Polar Basin on Titan
The Cassini spacecraft looks down on Titan's north pole and unveils the moon's upper-most atmospheric hazes
Atmospheric Halo
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