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Moons > Rhea
Saturn's moon Rhea
Rhea's Bright Blemish
Saturn's moon Rhea
Diversity of Impacts
Saturn's icy moon Rhea
Rhea's Memory
Saturn's brightly sunlit moon Rhea
Sun-Drenched Rhea
Saturns moon Rhea
Rhea's Bright Splat
Great White Splat
Three of Saturn's moon near the rings
Amazing Icy Moons
Saturn's moon Rhea
Big Basin
Image of the moon Rhea
Rhea's Relief
the moon Rhea
Dark Patch
Saturn's moons Rhea and Enceladus
Rhea and Enceladus
This movie was created from 37 original images taken over the course of 20 minutes as the spacecraft's narrow-angle camera remained pointed toward Janus. Although Mimas moves a greater distance across the field of view, Janus also moved perceptibly during this time. The images were aligned to keep Janus close to the center of the scene. Additional frames were inserted between the 37 Cassini images in order to smooth the appearance of Mimas' movement -- a scheme called interpolation. Close-up images from the few minutes surrounding the occultation are arranged into a strip along the bottom of the movie.
Mimas Occults Janus
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