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The bright arc within Saturn's G ring is shown truncated by the shadow of the planet
Slicing the Arc
Mimas' shadow strikes Saturn's rings near bright spokes on the B ring
Shadow and Spokes
The shadows of Dione and Mimas appear on Saturn
Shadows Above and Below
Prometheus near the streamer-channels it has created in Saturn's thin F ring
Streamer-channels and Shadow
Saturn's rings and waves created by the gravity of the moon Daphnis
Slanting Shadows
Janus and Saturn's rings
Twice-lit Janus
Pan casts a short shadow on Saturn's A ring
Pan's Short Shadow
Spokes on Saturn's B ring
Bright Spokes, Dark Rings
Saturn's moon Prometheus casts a shadow near a streamer-channel created by the moon in the thin F ring
Shadow Between the Shepherds
The night side of Saturn, its rings and Dione
Dione and the Dark Side
Saturn's rings
Shadows Side by Side
A subtly distorted view of Saturn's rings.
Atmospheric Distortion
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