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This view shows principally the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Tethys; north is up.
Tethys in the Dark
Saturn's moon Tethys displays its distinctive dark equatorial band here, along with two sizeable impact craters in the west.
With the Band
Tethys (at the right) and Mimas (near the center) are captured in this imag against Saturn's turbulent atmosphere.
Supreme Beauty
Saturn and Tethys
Saturn and Tethys
Texture of Tethys
Saturn, Mimas and Tethys
Wind World
Tethys and Saturn
Fantasy Made Real
Saturn's moon Tethys
Tethys Mysteries
Icy Scars
Tethys, Epimetheus, Titan
One View, Multiple Worlds
image of the moon Tethys and Saturn's rings
Tethys and Rings
The moon Dione occults part of Saturn's distant rings while Tethys hovers below
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