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Saturn shares its space with its moon Tethys in this Cassini-captured scene.
Satellite Companionship
The Cassini spacecraft watches as clouds swirl through Saturn's equatorial latitudes.
Swirling Clouds
Tethys stands out as a tiny crescent of light in front of the dark of Saturn's night side
Dwarfed Crescent
A pastel crescent of Saturn is interrupted by the moon Mimas and the rings in this color image
Blemished by Mimas
Dione's shadow on Saturn
Dione's Distorted Shadow
A large storm roils Saturn's atmosphere (on the left side of the image)
Oval of a Storm
Saturn and Rhea.
Stately Saturn
Dramatic differences between dark and light embellish this Cassini spacecraft image of Saturn, its rings and its moons Dione and Enceladus.
Brightness Bucks the Dark
The shadow of Saturn's largest moon darkens a huge portion of the gas giant planet.
Enormous Elongated Shadow
Saturn, Janus and Mimas
Study in Miniature
This movie (still image shown) from Cassini, made possible only as Saturn's north pole emerged from winter darkness, shows new details of a jet stream that follows a hexagon-shaped path and has long puzzled scientists.
Spring Reveals Saturn's Hexagon Jet Stream
Narrow Shadow
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