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Bright spokes grace the B ring in this image which also includes the shadow of the moon Mimas and was taken about a month after Saturn's August 2009 equinox.
Spoke/Shadow Combo
Saturn's moon Janus passes before the planet's rings
Janus Before the Rings
The cratered moon Mimas and Saturn's rings
Mimas Globe
Saturn's rings
Lost Among Rings
Pandora, Prometheus and Saturn's rings
Potato Pair
The bright arc in Saturn's faint G ring
Faint Ring, Bright Arc
Rhea and Saturn's rings
Rings and Rhea
Prometheus in the Roche Division between Saturn's A ring and F ring
Little Tuber Moon
Epimetheus casts a shadow across colorful Saturn's rings
Moon, Shadow and Rings
The tiny moon Pandora appears beyond the bright disk of Saturn's rings.
Beyond Bright Rings
Saturn's rings, Epimetheus and Helene
Splinters of Rings
Tiny Daphnis appears as a bright dot in the Keeler Gap on Saturn's rings
Ripples from Daphnis
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