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This figure shows shifting stratospheric temperatures obtained by Cassini between 2005 (left) to 2008 (right)
Changing Temperatures in Saturn's stratosphere
Enceladus appears as a bright dot  beyond a crescent Saturn
Brilliant Blip Beyond Saturn
Lightning on Saturn's night side flashing in a cloud that is illuminated by light from Saturn's rings
Lightning Flashing on Saturn
Lightning flashes on Saturn
First Lightning Flashes on Saturn
A dramatic image of Saturn and its rings
High-Phase Drama
Two moons orbit serenely before Saturn while large storms churn through the planet's southern hemisphere.
Attendant Pair
Saturn's rings and its moon Rhea are imaged before a crescent of the planet.
Widening Rings
Saturn casts its shadow on the rings
Shadow and Ringshine
The shadow of Saturn's moon Dione, cast onto the planet, is elongated in dramatic fashion.
Stretched Shadow
Rhea on the left; Enceladus near center; Saturn to the right
Balancing It Out
Saturn's moon Enceladus orbits serenely before a backdrop of clouds roiling the atmosphere the planet.
Beyond the Tumult
The diminutive moon Mimas can be found hiding in the middle of this view of a crescent of Saturn bisected by rings.
Gas Giant, Mini Moon
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