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Map of Enceladus
Map of Enceladus -- October 2009
Screen grab of a video showing three views of Enceladus as the Cassini spacecraft performs a flyby.
Taking the Plunge: Cassini Soars by Enceladus
Smooth and Rough Enceladus
Perspective view of Damascus Sulcus
Perspective View of Damascus Sulcus, Enceladus
Perspective view of Baghdad Sulcus
Perspective View of Baghdad Sulcus, Enceladus
Perspective view of Cairo Sulcus
Perspective View of Cairo Sulcus, Enceladus
Twice-Lit Moon
The trailing hemisphere of Enceladus
Trailing Enceladus
This image shows the location of Cassini's most precise measurements so far of the surface temperatures at the active 'tiger stripe' fractures that cut the south polar region of Enceladus.
Warm Tiger Stripes
These illustrations indicate possible ways in which the water vapor and ice particles in the plume of Enceladus may be formed.
Plume Vent Models
Serene Enceladus
As the moon Enceladus eclipses its neighbor Mimas, Cassini records a scene possible only around the time of Saturn's approaching equinox.
Eclipsing Mimas
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