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This mosaic of images shows three fan-like structures in Saturn's tenuous F ring.
Multiple F-Ring 'Fans'
Prometheus and Saturn's rings
Prometheus Amid Rings
 Janus, Pandora and Saturn's rings
Rings on a Diagonal
Saturn and Mimas above the rings
Regal Saturn
Saturn's brightly lit rings and the planet's clouds
Bright Slice
The shadow of Enceladus darkens a small portion of the swirling clouds on Saturn
Shadow from Unseen Moon
Saturn's rings and Prometheus obscure Cassini's view of Rhea
Cutting Off Rhea
Enceladus is a small bright dot beyond Saturn's rings
Speck of Enceladus
Janus, Pandora and Saturn's rings
By Bright Rings
Saturn and the rings, seen edge-on
Slender Rings
Saturn's rings
Encke Gap Ringlet
Dione, Enceladus and Saturn
Ornamented Rings
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