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A startling silhouette of Saturn is created in this Cassini spacecraft portrait.
Saturn Silhouette
Prometheus casts a narrow shadow on the rings
Moon Shadow, Planet Shadow
Saturn's rings and Titan
Cut by Saturn's Shadow
Two of Saturn's small moons can be seen orbiting beyond the planet's thin F ring
Petite Pair Beyond Rings
Crescent at Equinox
Saturn's rings and shadows cast by Daphnis
Shadows from the Waves
The shadow of Saturn's moon Epimetheus appears as if it has been woven through the planet's rings
Woven Shadow
Rhea pops in and out of view behind Saturn's rings
Peekaboo Rhea
The shadow of Mimas is elongated across Saturn
Mimas' Stretched Shadow
Saturn's rings edge-on and the moon Rhea.
Rhea and Edge-On Rings
Janus and Saturn's rings
Rings and Janus
Enceladus appears as a bright dot  beyond a crescent Saturn
Brilliant Blip Beyond Saturn
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