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Moons > Prometheus
sculpting of Saturn's F ring
The Prometheus Effect
Prometheus and Pandora amongst the rings
Racing Rocks
an image of Prometheus with Saturn's F ring in the background
Drawing the Drapes
This image shows fine particulate material in the F ring that are gravitationally disturbed by the passage of Prometheus, visible in the center.
Passing Lane
Two views of the F ring, Janus and Prometheus
Two F Ring Views
Saturn's shepherd moon Prometheus
Lumpy Prometheus
Cassini peers through the icy particles that comprise Saturn's rings as Prometheus sits perched on the planet's limb
Prometheus On the Edge
Prometheus and Pandora are captured here in a single image taken from less than a degree above the dark side of Saturn's rings.
F Ring Shepherds
Prometheus hovers between the A and F rings
Shepherd of Ice
Saturn's moon Prometheus is seen here emerging from the darkness of Saturn's shadow
Solar Eclipses . . . Daily
Four images of Saturn's knotted F ring
Four Views of the F Ring
The rings, Saturn's atmosphere and the moon Prometheus
Funhouse Atmosphere
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