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Wave at Saturn Certificate

Wave at Saturn banner art

Wave at Saturn Certificate

Thank you for joining the Cassini team for the "Wave at Saturn" event.

For those who joined in the "Wave at Saturn" event, we thank you, and we hope you enjoyed getting your customized certificate.

'I waved at Saturn presented to on July 19, 2013 Cassini took a picture of Earth - I am in that picture too!' Also appearing is the NASA insignia, a view of Saturn, and silhouette of three people standing on Earth, waving.

Thank you again for joining us in the "Wave at Saturn" event. To save the image above, most browsers will provide a "save image as" option when using a right-click while your curser is over the image. To view a version of this image sized for printing, please click here. To view the text version of the image, please click here.

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