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Cassini Team Members

The International Team

Celebrations at JPL after Cassini arrived at Saturn
Celebrating Cassini's arrival at Saturn, Charles Elachi, Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, high fives the Cassini Program Manager (at the time), Robert Mitchell, left. Ed Weiler, NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Science, looks on at right. Photo credit: NASA/JPL/Robert Brown.
The Cassini program is an international cooperative effort involving NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian space agency, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI), as well as several separate European academic and industrial contributors. The Cassini partnership represents an undertaking whose scope and cost would not likely be borne by any single nation, but is made possible through shared investment and participation. Through the mission, about 260 scientists from 17 countries hope to gain a better understanding of Saturn, its stunning rings, its magnetosphere, Titan and its other icy moons.

In the United States, the mission is managed for NASA's Office of Space Science by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, CA. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology. At JPL, Earl Maize is the Cassini program manager. Linda J. Spilker is the Cassini project scientist and Scott. G. Edgington is the deputy project scientist.

At NASA Headquarters, Bill Knopf is Cassini program executive and Curt Niebur is Cassini program scientist.

The major U.S. contractor is Lockheed Martin, whose contributions include the launch vehicle and upper stage, spacecraft propulsion module and the radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Development of the Huygens Titan probe was managed by the European Space Technology and Research Center. The center's prime contractor, Aerospatiale (now Alcatel) in Cannes, France, assembled the probe with equipment supplied by many European countries. Huygens' batteries and two scientific instruments came from the United States. At ESA, Nicolas Altobelli is the project scientist.

At ASI, Enrico Flamini is the project manager for Cassini's radio antenna and other contributions to the spacecraft.

The U.S. Department of Energy provided Cassini's radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Listed below are the members of the Cassini and Huygens science teams.

Updated Jan. 9, 2014



Science Investigators

Project Scientist Linda J. Spilker
Deputy Project Scientist Scott. G. Edgington
Project Science System Engineer Nora K. Alonge

US Interdisciplinary Scientists Jeffrey N. Cuzzi
  Tamas I. Gombosi
  Jonathan Lunine
  Tobias C. Owen
  Laurence A. Soderblom
  Darrell Strobel
International Interdisciplinary Scientists Michel Blanc
  Daniel Gautier
  Francois Raulin
Participating Scientists 2013 Tilmann Denk
  Tommi Koskinen
  Giuseppe Mitri
  (Gerald) Wesley Patterson
  Darci Snowden
  Federico Tosi
  Veronique Vuitton
Participating Scientists 2012 Caitlin Griffith
  Alex Hayes
  Henrik Melin
  Francis Nimmo
  Christopher Parkinson
  Mark Perry
  Joe Spitale
  Matt Tiscareno
  Anne Verbiscer
Participating Scientists 2011 Alberto Adriani
  Carrie Anderson
  Jason Barnes
  Gianrico Filacchione
  Matthew Hedman
  Brigette Hesman
  Carly Howett
  Ozgur Karatekin
  Panayotis Lavvas
  Carol Paty
  Paul Schenk
  Jason Soderblom


Cassini Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS)

Principal Investigator: Hunter Waite (acting)
US Co-Investigators: Scott J. Bolton
  James L. Burch
  Frank Crary
  Raymond Goldstein
  Thomas W. Hill
  Robert E. Johnson
  David J. McComas
  Edward C. Sittler Jr.
  Michelle Thomsen
International Co-Investigators: Jean-Jacques Berthelier
  Michel Blanc
  Andrew J. Coates
  Manuel Grande
  Knut R. Svenes
  Karoly Szego

Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA)

Principal Investigator: Ralf Srama
US Co-Investigators: Siegfried Auer
  Thomas Economou
  Torrence V. Johnson
  Mihaly Horanyi
International Co-Investigators: Nicolas Altobelli
  H. Fechtig
  M. Grande
  Eberhard Gruen
  Ove Havnes
  Sascha Kempf
  Eduard Igenbergs
  Elmar Jessberger
  H. Krüger
  Phillipe Lamy
  Franz Lura
  J. Anthony M. McDonnell
  Dietrich Möhlmann
  Gregor E. Morfill
  Ernst Pernicka
  Frank Postberg
  Juergen Schmidt
  Gerhard Schwehm
  F. Spahn
  Jiri Svestka
  Richard Wasch

Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS)

Principal Investigator: Mike Flasar
US Co-Investigators: Mian M. Abbas
  R. Achterberg
  Gordon L. Bjoraker
  John C. Brasunas
  Barney J. Conrath
  Peter J. Gierasch
  Donald E. Jennings
  Virgil G. Kunde (original PI)
  Glenn S. Orton
  Conor Nixon
  Tobias Owen
  John C. Pearl
  Paul N. Romani
  Mark Showalter
  A. A. Simon-Miller
  Linda Spilker
  John Spencer
International Co-Investigators: Peter A. R. Ade
  M. Antonella Barucci
  Bruno Bezard
  Simon B. Calcutt
  Regis Denis Courtin
  Athena Coustenis
  Cecile Ferrari
  Thierry Fouchet
  Daniel Gautier
  P. Irwin
  Emmanuel Lellouch
  Andre Marten
  Renee Prange
  Francois Raulin
  Peter L. Read
  Fredrick Taylor

Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (INMS)

Principal Investigator: Hunter Waite
US Co-Investigators: Thomas E. Cravens
  Janet G. Luhmann
  Ralph L. McNutt Jr.
  Hasso Niemann
  Roger V. Yelle
International Co-Investigators: Wing-Huen Ip

Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS)

Team Leader: Carolyn Porco
US Team Members: Joseph Burns
  Anthony Del Genio
  H. Luke Dones
  Andrew Ingersoll
  Torrence Johnson
  Alfred McEwen
  Steven Squyres
  Peter Thomas
  Joseph Veverka
  Robert West
International Team Members: Andre Brahic
  Carl Murray
  Gerhard Neukum

Magnetometer (MAG)

Principal Investigator: Michele Dougherty
US Co-Investigators: Christopher T. Russell
  Edward J. Smith
  David Southwood
International Co-Investigators: Andre Balogh
  Stanley W.H. Cowley
  Geza Erdos
  Karl-Heinz W. Glassmeier
  Krishan Khurana
  Fritz M. Neubauer

Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument (MIMI)

Principal Investigator: Stamatios Krimigis
US Co-Investigators: Thomas P. Armstrong
  James Carbary
  Douglas C. Hamilton
  Barry H. Mauk
  Donald G. Mitchell
  Edmond C. Roelof
  Chris Paranicas
International Co-Investigators: Denis Alcayde
  Jean-Michel Bosqued
  Ioannis Jean Dandouras
  Wing-Huen Ip
  Norbert Krupp
  Andreas Lagg
  Stefano Livi
  Henri Reme
  Jean-Andre Sauvaud

Cassini Radar (RADAR)

Team Leader: Charles Elachi
Acting Team Leader: Steve Wall
US Team Members: Michael Allison
  Charles Elachi
  Michael A. Janssen
  Randolph L. Kirk
  Ralph D. Lorenz
  Jonathan Lunine
  Larry Soderblom
  Charles Wood
  Howard Zebker
International Team Members: Pierre J. Encrenaz
  Giorgio Franceschetti
  Giovani Picardi
  Francesco Posa
  Roberto Seu
  Sergio Vetrella

Radio and Plasma Wave Science (RPWS)

Principal Investigator: Don Gurnett
US Co-Investigators: George B. Hospodarsky
  William M. Farrell
  Michael L. Kaiser
  William S. Kurth
  Robert J. MacDowall
  J. Douglas Menietti
  Ann M. Persoon
International Co-Investigators: Hugo Alleyne
  Rolf Bostrom
  Patrick Canu
  Baptiste Cecconi
  Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin
  Georg Fischer
  Christopher C. Harvey
  Patrick Galopeau
  Georg Gustafsson
  Laruent Lamy
  Alain Lecacheux
  Philippe Louarn
  Michiko Morooka
  Ronan Modolo
  Arne Pedersen
  Alain Roux
  Helmut O. Rucker
  Jan-Erik Wahlund
  Philippe Zarka

Radio Science (RSS)

Team Leader Richard G. French
US Team Members: John W. Armstrong
  F. Michael Flasar
  Arv Kliore
  Essam A. Marouf
  Andrew F. Nagy
  Nicole J. Rappaport
International Team Members: Roberto Ambrosini
  Luciano Iess
  Paolo Tortora

Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS)

Principal Investigator: Larry Esposito
US Co-Investigators: Joseph M. Ajello
  Charles A. Barth
  Joshua E. Colwell
  Candice J. Hansen
  Amanda R. Hendrix
  William E. McClintock
  Wayne R. Pryor
  Donald E. Shemansky
  A. Ian F. Stewart 
  Robert A. West
  Yuk L. Yung
International Co-Investigators: H. Uwe Keller
  Ralf Reulke

Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS)

Team Leader: Bob Brown
US Team Members: Kevin H. Baines
  Bonnie J. Buratti
  Roger Clark
  Dale P. Cruikshank
  Dennis L. Matson
  Thomas McCord
  Robert Nelson
  Philip D. Nicholson
International Team Members: Giancarlo Bellucci
  Jean-Pierre Bibring
  Fabrizio Capaccioni
  Priscilla Cerroni
  Michael Combes
  Angioletta Coradini
  Pierre Drossart
  Vittorio Formisano
  Ralf Jaumann
  Yves Langevin
  Bruno Sicardy
  Christophe Sotin



Science Investigators


Aerosol Collector Pyrolyser (ACP)

Principal Investigator: Guy Israel
International Co-Investigators: Sushil Atreya
  Tobias C. Owen
  Francois Raulin
US Co-Investigators: Hasso B. Niemann
  Robert E. Samuelson

Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR)

Principal Investigator: Martin Tomasko
International Co-Investigators: Bruno Bezard
  Michel Combes
  Athena Coustenis
  H. Uwe Keller
  Emmanuel Lellouch
  Laurence A. Soderblom
  Nicolas Thomas
  Catherine de Bergh
US Co-Investigator: Robert West

Doppler Wind Experiment (DWE)

Principal Investigator: Michael K. Bird
International Co-Investigators: Luciano Iess
US Co-Investigators: Michael D. Allison
  Sami W. Asmar
  David Atkinson

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS)

Principal Investigator: Hasso B. Niemann
International Co-Investigators: Francois Raulin
US Co-Investigators: Sushil Atreya
  Jonathan I. Lunine
  Tobias C. Owen

Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI)

Principal Investigator: Marcello Fulchignoni
International Co-Investigators: Athena Coustenis
  Francesca Ferri
  Michel Hamelin
  Ari-Matti Harri
  Jose Lopez-Moreno
  Fritz M. Neubauer
  Jan Charles Zarnecki
US Co-Investigator: Michael D. Allison

Surface Science Package (SSI)

Principal Investigator: Jan Charles Zarnecki
International Co-Investigators: Marcello Fulchignoni
  Simon F. Green
US Co-Investigator: Ralph D. Lorenz



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