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Titan Flyby (T-60) - Aug. 9, 2009

Titan Flyby (T-60) - Aug. 9, 2009

Aug. 09, 2009

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RADAR view of Titan
  An enigmatic large basin appears in the south polar region of Saturn's moon Titan at the center of this Titan Radar Mapper image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft acquired on June 22, 2009.
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T-60: Measuring Titan's Shape

Titan Flyby (T-60) post-flyby status:

Cassini completed its 61st targeted flyby of Titan on Aug. 9, passing the moon at a distance of 970 kilometers (603 miles) above the surface at a speed of 6.0 kilometers per second (about 13,400 mph). While the spacecraft performed its planned data-gathering routines during the pass, the data were lost during transmission due to a temporary outage at the Goldstone Deep Space Network Facility. As unique, high-priority data from Saturn's equinox was planned to be taken soon after flyby, there was no redundant playback scheduled.

T60 was the ninth flyby in a series of 11 inbound encounters and the 16th Titan encounter in the Cassini Equinox Mission.

Titan at a Glance
Titan Flyby
Aug. 9, 2009 (SCET)

970 kilometers (603 miles)

6.0 km/sec (13,400 mph)

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